The Burdette lab is interested in women's health. Specifically, we focus on the idea that high grade serous ovarian cancers arise in the fallopian tube and metastasize to the ovary. We are inspired by nature as a source of compounds that function as either progesterone-like molecules or as leads for new cancer therapies to use in ovarian cancer. Finally, we value collaboration and integrate microfluidics, tissue engineering, and imaging into our research program. 

Breaking News

Jose wins poster award at the virtual UIC Cancer Center Symposium. 

Human Reproduction paper received editorial feature{5EF16170-18E7-4D08-A87B-8751D1A63499}

Amanda selected to give ASP talk.


Tia defends her REI Fellowship.  Congrats on a job well done. 

Tia, Angela and Jose publish their paper on androgen action and cilia.


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