11.18.21 Amrita and Ally's PHY34 paper is accepted to Cell Death and Disease. 

11.16.21 Amrita wins 1st Place Cancer Center Poster at COP Research Day.

11.16.21 Jane wins 2nd place Biology Poster at COP Research Day.

10.16.21 Julia's paper to JNP accepted.

10.11.21 Amanda receives Burroughs Wellcome travel award to SSR, Amrita and Adam both receive travel grants from the Postdoc Association at UIC.

9.01.21. Tova receives the Dean's Graduate Scholar Award. 

08.10.21 Hannah L (Sanchez lab) publishes review in Mol Omics on fallopian tube metabolism 

08.09.21 Tim Dorsey joins the Burdette lab as a UIC PREP scholar.

05.06.21 Banner day as four students are hooded in a single day- Ally, Laura, Jose, and Julia- I am so proud of you and wish you boundless success.

05.06.21  Manead Khin receives Laurette Kirstein scholarship.

05.04.21  Amanda selected as Yale Ciencia Academy member.

04.27.21  Amanda and Tova both win MIKIW poster awards. 

04.19.21 Julia defends her PHD and becomes Dr. Austin! She is also offered a T32 at Minnesota. 

04.18.21 Amanda received a spot on the T32 for natural products. 

04.12.21 Jose's paper on androgen action in fallopian tube accepted to Cancers.

04.12.21  Vedant's review article was accepted to Endocrinology.

04.01.21 Tova receives Chancellor's student leadership award.

03.03.21  Tova receives notice of her F30 award from NCI.

02.25.21 Jose defends his PHD and becomes Dr. Colina!

02.05.21  Angela's stem cell paper on PAX2 is accepted to Cell Death and Differentiation

01.19.21  Tara joins the lab as our new research specialist. 

12.01.20  Both Aliya and Djeneba are awarded undergraduate research awards. 

11.15.20 Amrita, Amanda, Jose and Tova all winners at COP Research Day.

10.02.20 Jose wins prize at the UIC Cancer Center Symposium for his poster.

09.15.20 Human reproduction article received editorial prese. https://www.eshre.eu/?sc_itemid={5EF16170-18E7-4D08-A87B-8751D1A63499}

08.25.20  UIC IRACDA K12 funded!  Burdette lab looking for postdocs! https://iracda.uic.edu/

08.13.20   Amanda selected to give talk at ASP. 

06.18.20   Tia defends her REI fellowship. Way to go!

05.16.20   Adam Li joins our lab as a new postdoc.


05.01.20   Brenna accepted to MSTP program.


05.01.20   Burdette/Sanchez R01 begins!  Let the images fly :)


03.23.20   Burdette lab goes on hold as COVID19 forces stay at home for safety.


03.05.20   Tova receives the Chancellor’s Student Service Award.


03.04.20   Joanna named UIC Distinguished Researcher of the Year in Life Sciences.


02.13.20  Tova’s review article is accepted to Cancer Letters.


02.10.20  Julia and Brenna’s paper accepted to Hormones and Cancer.


02.07.20  Amanda receives a COP TAPS travel grant to ASP.


11.18.19   Tapping into the Pap Map collaborative Burdette/Sanchez paper accepted in J. Proteome Research.


11.18.19   Rocio receives an outstanding poster award at the ABRCMS meeting.


11.1.29.   Jose wins the 3rd Place in the COP research image competition.


10.29.19   Kim, Kanella, and Jun all receive Honor’s college awards.


10.25.19   Kanella and Jun are both accepted to Pharmacy school at UIC.


10.22.19.  Ally wins the Foundation for Women’s Wellness award.


08.28.19.   Two new rotation students join, we gain a new graduate student (Amanda), and we have three undergraduates starting.  It must be the beginning of school!


07.18.19.   Katherine Zink (co-mentored by JB) gets her NOA for the F31 on IMS of the ovary and FTE.


07.17.19.   Amrita’s paper on verticillin accepted.


07.9.19.     Jose’s PAX2 paper accepted- nice work.


06.30.19.   Matt’s paper on spheroids accepted.


05.28.19    Peter is accepted to the Master’s program at Loyola in Public Health.


05.20.19   Julia received travel grant to ASP meeting.


05.16.19   Steven gets accepted to UIC COM.


04.24.19   Ally Young defends her PHD on her way to finishing the MD/PHD.


04.19.19   Laura’s Oncogene paper on PAX8 accepted. 


02.25.19   Laura Rodgers Hardy defends her PHD!  Way to go!


02.25.19  Jose received Chancellor’s Leadership and Service Award.  Awesome :)


02.12.19  Ally wins 1st Place in the Biology Category at the UIC COP Research Day.  Laura wins the CRS Society award for best poster.  Way to go!


02.01.19  Julia receives notice of a T32 fellowship in natural products.


12.03.18  Jose wins a Provost Award!


11.26.18  Matt’s paper to Carcinogenesis is accepted describing the role of exposed collagen in metastasis.


10.25.18   Matt wins 3rd in COP Image Competition.


10.09.18    ACS Central Science paper!