Angela Russo, PHD

Research Assistant Professor


Angela got her PHD from UNC Chapel Hill and was a postdoc at UIC in Pharmacology. She is working on molecular mechanisms of ovarian tumor



Adam Li

postdoctoral fellow


Adam got his Master's and PHD from Urbana and is currently working on extracellular vesicles and phytoprogestins.


Tova Bergsten

MD/PHD graduate student


Tova got her BA from Princeton and trained in industry in New York before coming to UIC for the MSTP program.  She is imaging chemical communication in ovarian metastasis as part of her F30.


Didi Zha

PHD graduate student


Didi got her M.S. at Northwestern in Bioengineering before joining the PSCI program in 2020. She is working on endocrine disrupting compounds and PCOS on LATTICE.

Tara Spencer

research specialist


Tara received her B.S. from U. of Alabama.  She is working on screening natural products for anti-cancer action and for natural progestins. She is also keeping us organized and well stocked!


Alfredo Lopez Carrero

undergraduate researcher

Alfredo is a L@sGanas student completing his undergraduate degree at UIC. He is working with Dr. Russo on ovulation and ovarian cancer.


Amrita Salvi, PHD

postdoctoral fellow


Amrita got her BS and MS from U. of Mumbai and her PHD from Nanyang Technological University. She is working on PHYs in ovarian cancer and PAX8.


Elizabeth Kaweesa, PHD

postdoctoral fellow


Elizabeth got her PHD from the University of Florida. She is a K12 IRACDA fellow training in both research and teaching. 


Amanda Maldonado

PHD graduate student


Amanda received her B.S. from Florida International University in 2017 before coming to UIC to join the department. She is working on novel natural products for cancer on our T32.

Manead Khin

PHD graduate student


Manead received her B.S. from UNC Greensboro before joining the PSCI graduate program in 2020.  She is working on natural product drug discovery and recently received the Kirstein award as well as being a University Fellow.

Daniel Lantvit

research specialist


Dan is the guru of all things related to animal work.  He is currently managing the animal colony, assisting students and postdocs, and training for marathons and triathlons.

Timothy Dorsey

UIC PREP Scholar

Tim is a UIC Post-Bac PREP scholar. He received his B.S. from Illinois State University in Biological Sciences.  He is working with Angela on proteins that alter the ECM in ovarian cancer. 

Djeneba Diakite

undergraduate researcher

Djeneba is a senior student at UIC in the Honor's College and a Chicago Check scholar. She is working with Adam on phytohormones in the reproductive system.