Tia did her MD at U. of Cincinnati and her residency at Duke before coming to UIC to do a fellowship in REI. She worked on PCOS and fallopian tube biology. 

Sharon Eddie, PHD

Sharon developed models of FTE cancer. She is currently a faculty at Queen’s University in Belfast. Her work defined genetic alterations in tubal cell carcinogenesis.

Kevin Jackson, PHD

Kevin is now a Research Assistant Professor at UIUC working on MR imaging of the brain.

Esther Calderon-Gierszal, PHD

Esther got her PHD from UIC working with Gail Prins. She worked on natural products with anti-cancer activity. She is a faculty member at a community college in Wisconsin.

Eoghainin O’hAinmhire, PHD

Eoghainin is a senior scientist at Abbvie.

He got his PHD in the lab working on mutant p53 and Smad signaling.

Subbulakshmi Karthikeyan, PHD 

Subbu got her BS and MS from the U. of Madras. She graduated in 2018 and is currently a research associate in the Duke-NUS lab. She recently received the Khoo postdoctoral fellowship.

Laura Rodgers, MD/PHD

Laura got her BA from Swarthmore College and trained at the NIH for one year before coming to UIC. She worked on PAX8. (M4 year)

KiAundra Kilpatrick

KiAundra came from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University with her B.S. to join the UIC Prep program.

David A. Davis

David was one of the first members from 2007-09 and then he joined us again for two years. He is now a histopathologist at Johns Hopkins.

Matt Dean, PHD

Matt investigated the ovary’s influence on FTE. He is currently running his own lab at the U. of Illinois in Urbana Champaign as an Assistant Professor.

Emanuele Canestrari, PHD

Emanuele got his PHD from U. of Urbino and was a postdoc working on the ovary’s action on fallopian tube cells. He is currently working for Cook Regentec.

Michael Endsley, PHD

Mike got his PHD from the Medical College of Wisconsin and was a postdoc at Northwestern. He is currently working with Dr. Wang at MCW.

Tyvette Hilliard, PHD

Tyvette  is a Res. Assistant Professor at Notre Dame with Dr. Sharon Stack. She is the recipient of an NIH K01 award.

May Fern Toh, PHD

Fern is a senior scientist at Cerevel Therapeutics. She got her PHD in the lab working on phytoprogestins.

Dimple Modi, PHD

Dimple defended her PHD focused on the role of PAX2 and is currently a Scientist at Abbvie labs in Chicago.

Steven Kurina

Steve came from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is currently attending the UIC College of Medicine in Rockford.

Roshan Ahmed

Roshan graduated from U. Chicago in 2008.  She completed the PHD program at Columbia in Cell Signaling with Dr. Olive.

Alex Yang, PHD

Alex got his PHD from Zhejiang University and did a postdoc at U. Chicago before joining us.  He worked on ovarian secreted factors that drive FTE migration.

Georgette Heyrman, PHD

Georgette got her PHD from Northwestern.  She currently a faculty at U. of Wisconsin Green Bay in the Human Biology Program. She identified estrogen targets in the fallopian tube.

Shelby King, PHD

Shelby is working at Hologic. Her work helped define how ovulation impacts ovarian or fallopian tube cancer.

Suzanne Quartuccio, PHD

Suzanne defended her PHD and is an Assistant Professor at Seton Hall University.

Wei-Lun Chen, PHD

Wei-Lun worked on natural products with anti-cancer activity. He did a postdoc at Northwestern. He now works at Pfizer.

Alexandria Young, MD/PHD

Ally got her BA and BS from U. of Pittsburgh and then joined the UIC MSTP program. She worked on FemKube and novel anti-cancer natural products. (M4 year)

Austin Czarnecki

Austin came from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  He is currently attending dental school at Marquette.

Kari Inoue, MD

Kari completed her M.D. at Tulane. She investigated OSE wound repair and Smad/p53 in ovarian cancer.

Undergraduates/Summer Fellows

Junlone Moy 2020

undergrad student

Jun was a UIC Honor’s college undergraduate student working under the direction of Angela Russo.  He is attending UIC COP in 2020.

Kanella Eliadis 2020

undergrad student

Kanella was a UIC Honor’s college undergraduate student recently accepted to the UIC COP.  She was mentored by Jose.

Kimberly Heath-Borrero 2020

undergrad student

Kim was UIC Honor’s college undergraduate student at UIC that came from the University of Puerto Rico and was part of the L@s GANAS program. She is currently working for a year at the CDC.

Rocio Rivera 2019

undergrad student

Rocio was an ASPET SURF student from the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Camps. She was a MARC fellow and ABRCMS poster winner from her SURF work in our lab. She will join us as a PHD student in the class of 2020.


Samantha Watry 2019

PHARMD Student

Samantha is a UIC PharmD student who worked on a Riback fellowship with Dr. Salvi.


Denisse Herrera 2017-2019

undergrad student

Denisse was a UIC Honor’s student who graduated in 2018.  She left to be a student in the U. of Iowa College of Pharmacy.

Peter Varughese 2017-2019

undergrad student

Peter was a UIC Honor’s college undergraduate mentored by Jose.  He is currently obtaining his Master’s degree at Loyola.

Vivian Jin 2018

undergrad student

Vivian was a UIC GPPA Medicine Student who graduated as the Louis Pasteur winner for Biology in 2018. She attended Oxford for her MS before coming back to UIC to obtain her MD degree.


Nidhi Suthar 2017

undergrad student

Nidhi was a UIC GPPA Medicine student in 2017 and is currently working towards her MD at UIC.  She was mentored by Laura and Angela.

Alvina Shaikh 2017

undergrad student

Alvina was a UIC Honor’s College student who is now attending medical school.  She worked with Matt on the Evil Ovary.

Demi Chae 2016

undergrad student

Demi graduated with honors in 2016 and went to UIC Pharmacy school. She was mentored by Subbu.

Seth Baligod 2015

undergrad student

Seth was a UIC honor’s student who worked with Dr. Russo and then transferred to Northwestern to finish his studies.

Whay Cheng 2012-2013


Whay was a Biochemistry major in the UIC Honor’s college.  She is now attending osteopathic medical school in California.

Estella Huang 2013


Estella was in the UIC Honor’s college and worked under the guidance of Georgette. She then went on the get her M.D. at UIC.


Patricia Corona 2012-2013


Patricia was in the UIC Honor’s college. She finished her capstone and left for medical school.


Amanda Czekaj 2011-2012


Amanda completed her Capstone project in the lab.  She recently graduated with her PHARMD from UIC.


Roshni Patel undergraduate 2011-2012

Roshni was a UIC Honor’s college student.  She received a PHARMD at the UIC College of Pharmacy.

Brandon Chiu 2010-2011


Brandon was a UIC undergraduate who worked with Suzanne.

Keerthi Raju 2011-2012


Keerthi was a UIC Honor’s college student. She graduated as valedictorian of her PHARMD class at UIC.

Selwyn Erapuram 2011


Selwyn completed his bachelor’s degree and worked with Tyvette Hilliard.

Rosemarie Tagare 2011

undergrad student

Rosemarie was a UIC Honor’s College student who then got her PHARMD at UIC.  She worked with Dimple on getting her Pax Straight.

Amanda Muehlbauer 2008-2010


Mandy finished her MD at Rosalind Franklin, is an ER doctor, and my neighbor!  She worked on GSK3-beta inhibitors as drugs against ovarian cancers.

Fitsum Tesfamicael 2011


Fits was a UIC undergraduate who worked under the guidance of Suzanne.

Lucia Wu 2008-2010


Lucy got her PHARMD from UIC. She worked on the role of the fallopian tube in ovarian cancer as a capstone with Shelby.


Angel Hernandez high school student 2017

Angel was a high school student from UIC PREP who worked for the summer with Laura on PAX8.

Sylvia Swiercz, ACS Summer Intern 2013

Sylvia graduated high school and went to U. of Pennsylvania.  She was selected into the ACS program and worked under the guidance of Dimple.

Asma Patel   ACS Summer Intern 2012

Asma was a student at von Struben Metro Science Center.  She was selected into the American Cancer Society Summer Research Program.